WPC Call - 3/14/16

Attendees:  Dave, Gil, Marla, Steve, Amy, Pete (late)
  1. 100G NM to LA
    1. Nearing completion and will save some costs when complete
    2. Gil asked about a second 100G for the City of ABQ
      1. Could be done - just need to find someone to work with at Cienna
      2. Want higher capacity commodity and maybe more research
      3. CENIC has been approached by the City of LA
        1. May connect them and let them peer with HPR
      4. City is connected to UNM now
      5. Need to explore their requirements
  2. Next Meeting
    1. Marla will send out Doodle poll for preferred face to face including 4/13 originally scheduled date
  3. Potential WRN members
    1. Utah
    2. Arizona
    3. Nevada
    4. Texas
    5. Oregon
      1. Doing a search for CIO
      2. Doing a study on the Oregon GigaPoP
  4. In discussions with NTT
    1. Willing to help land NOAA Japan services
    2. There may be PacificWave