WPC Call - 11/9/15

Attendees:  Marla, Pete, Amy, Dave
  1. UW press release on Big Data Hub:  http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/education/uw-named-partner-in-regional-big-data-hub-on-west-coast/ 
  2. Not clear if others in the region are submitting
    1. PNWGP will find out more about the Western Regional Data Hub - where it is, what it is doing, are they submitting, etc.
  3. Agree that WRN submitting directly may not fit
    1. Would have to have NCAR/UW/UC-SD/UC-Berkeley lead and WRN partner
    2. No driving needs for WRN to push this at this time
  4. Still working on YUMA-EP-Sunnyvale path
  5. Netflix cache cloud working
  6. Need to work on mapping PW VLANs onto WRN and monitor and graph
    1. Will then add FRGP and UNM on to maps when VLANs and contact information are updated
  7. Need face to face in April or May for budgets
    1. Don't need one sooner at this point since not doing proposal most likely
    2. Marla will send out Doodle poll for April (not 4/18 or 4/19)