WPC Meeting - 5/14/15

Attendees: Moira Gerety, Gil Gonzales, Ron Johnson, Marla Meehl, Amy Philipson, Dave Reese, Garrett Yoshimi

Absent: Robert Aylward, Pete Siemsen, Louis Fox, Steve Smith

Action Items:

  1. Introductions / Additions to the Agenda
    1. NOAA Amendment
  2. OK for UH to put VLAN through from UH to LA to
    1. Requesting Layer 2 path across WRN from LA to Denver
    2. Have existing OC3 Hawaii to Seattle that NOAA pays UH
    3. Hawaii to Seattle is Layer 2 on PW 10G
    4. Hawaii to LA to Denver on WRN on Layer 2
    5. 10G to Seattle and 10G to LA from Hawaii - diverse paths
    6. Will be diverse except UH data center - separate hardware in the data center
    7. FRGP will initiate ticket with CENIC NOC to put both VLANs in place
    8. Utilizes Hawaii's
  3. WRN 100gb Upgrade Project - El Paso - Los Angeles - CENIC
    1. $147K allocated for 100G Yuma to LA
    2. Regen wave would be more than that ~$200K
    3. Project with Transtelco wants diverse access to LA
      1. They have some Zayo fiber into LA
      2. Could terminate at Wilshire
      3. Can take wave from One Wilshire to 818 without regen
      4. Waves will go EP-LA without Regen (goes through Yuma and One Wilshire to get to 818
      5. Transtelco will monitor and maintain but CENIC will own the hardware
      6. No restrictions on use
      7. Ciena working on maintenance issue - R&E versus commercial
      8. Hope to have operational in June
      9. Money already budgeted
      10. Waves to EP are just the cost of the transponders
    4. All attendees agreed this is a good plan and should proceed
  4. WRN Budget / Services for 2015-2016 - CENIC
    1. Dave sent out proposed budget with notes **
    2. Included the expenses in the Maintenance Fund
    3. Revenue neutral goes through 6/30/16
      1. May have conversation about revenue neutral if I2 pushes back
    4. I2 charging USF so will push that into revenue neutral as well
      1. Quilt has discussed revenue neutral and just asked entities to notify if paying
      2. Will not pay USF on dark waves
      3. PNWGP uses lowest A-Zs on lowest tax rate
    5. 100G waves are annual charges
    6. CENIC has not been invoiced for revenue neutral through 6/30/15, but expects invoice for 100G waves
      1. Not clear that I2 will ever invoice for revenue neutral not tied to exact service
      2. Could be ~$100K invoice for revenue neutral from this year and next year
    7. Dave has not received pricing for for CHI 100G transponder maintenance
    8. $200,001 is a rounding issue
    9. Meeting in October really cost $3600
    10. Budget includes 100G to Chicago
      1. Save ~$5K converting to dark path
      2. Can't get LR10s anymore and have to get LR4s
      3. Agreed to using Boise spares and will order Boise replacements when need the optics
      4. $65K to I2 for 100G channels (will replace $71K with $65K on budget)
    11. CENIC will scrap Denver Brocades and FRGP will ship to UNM
    12. RESOLUTION #1, motion to approve the 2015-2016 budget as presented.
      1. Marla moved
      2. Ron seconds
        1. Discussion
          1. CENIC does not invest the maintenance fund
        2. Motion approved 7 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, 3 absent
  5. Denver - Chicago 5x10Gbps to 100Gbps upgrade - CENIC
    1. RESOLUTION #2, motion to approve Chicago upgrade proposal which includes an upgrade to 100G from current 5x10 and use of the Boise optics and commitment to replace the Boise optics when requested by PNWGP.
      1. Marla moved
      2. Ron seconds
        1. Discussion
          1. CENIC does not invest the maintenance fund
        2. Motion approved 7 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, 3 absent
    2. Hope to get done this summer
    3. Will recover some optics
  6. PacificWave (PW)/WRN (IRNC Proposal) - CENIC
    1. CENIC submitted IRNC and can't yet announce they get it
    2. CENIC has to requalify with NSF since not funded for five years
    3. May need to submit as regional regularly to stay qualified
    4. Included map of WRN in proposal and Kevin excited about WRN option
    5. Nevada did not submit a CC*DNI for a 100G to CENIC
    6. Would like to propose to make WRN officially part of PacificWave and use on maps, etc.
      1. Would include WRN sites on PW map and allow VLANs across WRN from PW sites
      2. Revenue will flow through PW for WRN PW activities
      3. Agreements signed in WRN sites will go through WRN members
      4. PW sites make ask to peer with FRGP entities
      5. Could allow Starlight participants to peer with PW participants - will talk to Joe Mambretti
      6. Opens opportunities for grants
      7. Can land 10 and 100G on the Brocades
      8. Could have the FRGP peer with PW - would take CENIC PW router out of the path
      9. Dave is managing director of PW
    7. RESOLUTION #3, motion to add WRN infrastructure and points of presence to the Pacific Wave distributed international peering facility including Denver, ABQ, EP, and Honolulu and publicize this.
      1. Dave moved
      2. Amy seconds
      3. Discussion
        1. Multiple press releases including IRNC and WRN
      4. Motion approved 7 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, 3 absent
  7. Science DMZ - PNWGP
    1. RESOLUTION #4, motion to add WRN infrastructure and points of presence to the Pacific Wave Science DMZ platform including Denver, ABQ, EP, and Honolulu and publicize this.
      1. Ron moved
      2. Gil seconds
      3. Discussion
        1. This could be separate VLAN and address some of the security issues
      4. Motion approved 7 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, 3 absent
    2. Consider Layer 3 WRN infrastructure and functions grow
  8. Additional WRN Memberships (e.g., University of Texas System / UTEP) - UNM
    1. UTEP and Texas talking to LEARN
    2. UNM provided a proposal for UNM connectivity but past NM requires WRN west
    3. Change of leadership at Utah
    4. What do new members bring to WRN
    5. UTEP bring border crossing
    6. Could provide path east to Dallas
    7. Expensive to go east to reach SOX and gap at SOX with Ron H. gone
    8. Could be direct or indirect member
    9. New entities bring relative equity so may cost some entities out
    10. Connecting to PW or PW Science DMZ requires a PW agreement for individual entities versus the regional
      1. The FRGP is a PW and ScienceDMZ member as a result of WRN so no direct agreement with PW required
      2. *Need to tell Dave how to list on the PW page
  9. Commodity Alternatives (Cogent, etc.) - UNM
    1. Denver Level3 10G bursting above 6Gbps
      1. Could go to 100G with a 10G commit at $1.50+.10
      2. Could send some traffic to Chicago to PNWGP Level3 pipe
      3. Actually exceeded 4Gbps in April
    2. UNM would like WRN to purchase another commodity provider such at NTT, Cogent, or TSIC
      1. WRN could purchase the FRGP TSIC at 100G and send CENIC and UNM traffic there
    3. WRN could negotiate commodity deals with Level3, NTT, and TSIC and offer to WRN and the Quilt as part of the CIS agreement
      1. FRGP willing to move TSIC agreement under CENIC/WRN
      2. PNWGP willing to move NTT agreement under CENIC/WRN
    4. Is there any interest in Dallas or Houston for commodity connectivity
      1. Will find out where major connectivity is for three carriers
  10. L3 Commodity Port in ABQ - UNM
    1. Working in ABQ to do builds in downtown with the City as part of the bus project
    2. Want lower cost commodity for city start ups
    3. Could send through 100G in Denver or additional 10G, but still comes through Denver
    4. Have to be aware of DDOS on 100G since pay for traffic
      1. Level3 allowing CENIC to put ACLs on Level3 routers to avoid cost for high volume attacks
    5. UNM will get back to WRN with direction
  11. Regional Diversity Fiber - UNM/?
    1. FRGP working on replacing Level3 IRUs
    2. Could talk to Zayo
    3. Diversity going north to Utah
      1. Could get to Durango and then use EAGLE-Net
    4. Get colocation and cross connect rights clearly defined
    5. Need to move out of Level3 facility where we can
  12. WTC Update
    1. 100G Transtelco hopefully in June
    2. Move on Chicago 100G
      1. 10Gs will go down for 100G to come up as using the same fiber path
      2. Is there a 100G port on Brocade in Denver to land?? - Yes
      3. CENIC will see if UCAR can order on their discount
      4. PNWGP will purchase their 100G for Chicago optic
    3. Get old Brocades to UNM
    4. Dave getting good discount from Brocade so can purchase from that
  13. NSF Funding Proposals
    1. Can look for more opportunities as part of PW
  14. NOAA Amendment
    1. Marla sent draft for extending NWAVE to WRN NOAA entities
    2. Dave and Louis will take first cut at redline
  15. Other
    1. Future discussion should be moving WRN to a Layer 3 backbone